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Global brands have local customers

Global brands have local customers
Stellantis was officially launched into the world and its stock markets this week.

Valued at around $50billion, it’s the friendly merger of two European automotive giants – PSA and FCA.

It has a portfolio of 14 brands (all of which will continue with their existing names and identities) and becomes the 4th largest auto brand in the world.

So what?

So some of those brands are long-standing clients of ours at We Are Acuity.

They already operate on a global scale and they actually represent perfect examples of what we preach
– Brands are National (or Global!) but Customers are Local.

This is evidenced by their commitment to genuinely localised marketing. Most manufacturers operate through franchisees for sales and servicing (car dealers). They also recognise the value of having those dealers using on-brand marketing that is localised and personalised.

They understand that customers have matured to the point where homogenous messaging is rejected.

And, creating the materials and tools that allow retailers to be local and relevant in every media channel is where we come in.

Good luck on the world stage Stellantis, we’ve got 'local' covered here!
If you would like to find out more about how We Are Acuity have worked with Stellantis to drive local to the very top of the marketing agenda, we invite you to visit our work page or get in touch for a more detailed conversation.


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