PSA Dealer Marketing

Consistency - the big prize

Working with Groupe PSA, Acuity introduced an innovative way for Citroën to launch its radically re-invented global brand through its dealer network, with consistency and at no cost to the retailers. The digital solution was a Dealer Marketing Hub that gave the retailers the freedom to create their own executions, within the consistency of Acuity-designed templates.


Since the launch of the hub, brand compliance has increased from around 50% to more than 90%

"Our Dealer Marketing Hub has recently been upgraded to include new digital channels, so it’s improving all the time. But it’s the team that Acuity wraps around it that makes it work so well. Their relationship with our retailers and understanding of how to make local marketing relevant is key to our success."

Laurent Beaumont

Head of Dealer Marketing


It was vital that Citroën’s new brand was supported and adopted by the 200 or so retailers in the UK, so that the re-invention would make a widespread impact. A potential barrier was that each retailer had its own branding, and would not only baulk at the cost of updating its materials, but at being ‘railroaded’ into this new look. Could we find a way to preserve freedom, while keeping costs down and dialling consistency up?



Acuity had been looking into the potential of Marketing Asset Management through online portals for some time. We knew that this emerging solution was developing rapidly, and one or two had reached a point where, with our creative and management input, we could recommend a solution to Citroën that would hit all of our targets.



We introduced a comprehensive Dealer Marketing Hub that provided consistency and freedom at no cost to the dealers. The keys to its success were the templates we created for every media channel; retailers could use them with minimum fuss to market themselves at a local level. And perhaps the best news – it was all funded by the manufacturer so was free to use.



Since the launch of the hub, brand compliance has increased from around 50% to more than 90%. Dealers now complete more than 10x the executions they did before, going from less than 100 to over 1000 separate executions every month.

This increase in volume and consistency meant that the marketing space was soon alive with impactful, on-brand Citroën advertising, resulting in a hugely improved marketing footprint in the UK.

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