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Local Marketing Challenge: #02 Meeting expectations.

Are you meeting expectations?

Have you met expectations? She (or he) can be very hard to please. Whether you're a Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, Field Team, Ops, Sales Director, or part of Purchasing, it’s hard to keep everybody happy these days.

Firstly you’ve got Central Head Office. They’re dialling in on Teams first thing and they’re very exacting about what they expect. They’ve already done the launch in the home market, and it’s gone exceptionally well. In fact, it’s their best launch campaign ever, so they are expecting great things from you. No pressure there then!

Unfortunately, Finance and Purchasing have put a freeze on budgets. But the expectation is more needs to be done with less. Your boss wants all the bells and whistles this time as there are people to impress, but you are already spinning more plates than ever with even less people in your team to support you. If only you had another pair of hands, but HR have put a freeze on head count.

Then there’s Sales. They haven’t confirmed the launch offers yet, but they expect the whole of your local network (branches, retailers, dealers, franchisees, venues, or affiliates) and channel partners up to speed with their tactical plans. They’ve set some very aggressive sales targets, and they need everyone to be at the top of their game from the first day of the month. Or else there’ll be trouble!

But the Field Team is feeling a bit uncertain. They’ve been told that this marketing campaign needs to lead with digital activity, but they really aren’t that confident talking about this kind of stuff to your local partners. They really expect your support and input with this. There are the paid social campaigns, oh and the new-fangled digital display option that the media agency is lording. If only they knew! Half your local partners haven’t got a Google Business Profile.

And anyway, the Field Team don’t have any time as they already have 100 other things that they’ve been tasked with, including making sure all your local partners have the right stock in the right colours in place to sell.

Then there’s your local partners. Bless them. Well, most of them anyway. The phone never stops ringing. They expect this, they want that. They’ve forgotten the password to log in to the intranet. But at least they are in touch.

It’s the ones you don’t hear from that you worry about more. Do they even know this launch is happening? If so goodness knows what ideas they’ve come up with that probably break every brand guideline going!  You daren’t think about it too much…

But stop. Just imagine if you had support from a team who knows expectations really well. They’re actually really good friends, because they’ve been meeting expectations every day for the last 25 years. That team? We Are Acuity. The great news is we are looking to meet even more expectations in 2024.

So... Sit back... Take a deep breath.... And give us a call. Whatever sector you are in we are here to help…

If you'd like support get in touch with us today. Or if you'd like some tips on how we do it, why not visit this page to see our full range of fascinating FREE guides? Packed with tips, tricks and ideas it will be well worth your time. 

Or if you'd like to read more about Local Marketing have a look at our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog

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