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My first few months at We Are Acuity…

After 16 years working for a well-known automotive brand it was finally the time to look for a new opportunity. I was quite nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone after being with my previous company so long, but from day one I felt extremely supported and motivated at We Are Acuity. My first day was in January 2021 and we were in the middle of a lockdown. I made my way to the office to collect my equipment and to say (a socially distanced) hello to a handful of my new colleagues. We spent time going through the agency, what it stood for and what the key objectives were for the coming weeks and months ahead. Straight away it felt like I could make a real difference and it was clear we had a plan to make it happen.


As everyone would testify to, working in lockdown requires an adjustment to your usual day-to-day way of working. You can’t simply spin round on your chair and ask your new colleagues how to do something or where something can be found, but every single one of my new colleagues helped me with what I needed with endless patience and a can-do attitude. We had coffee mornings and regular town hall meetings over Microsoft Teams so we felt a part of a team and fully in the loop, even if we were not together physically. It wasn’t long before I felt fully integrated even though I hadn’t met many of my colleagues in person.


As the initial days and weeks progressed I got more and more involved and was fortunate enough to be an integral part of the launch of our new digital marketing service. This end-to-end Managed Service programme enables dealers who may not have the knowledge or resource to run digital marketing campaigns to opt-in so that We Are Acuity manage their digital for them; driving incremental awareness, web traffic and leads – vitally important as we were coming out of a period when businesses had been temporarily shut and needed a shot in the arm. Everyone pulled together to make it happen and the delight in the agency at getting this off the ground was clear. The service is now bearing fruit for our clients and us as an agency. It is so great to feel you’re making a tangible difference.


My first few months also saw two through-the-line campaigns devised and rolled-out for one of our automotive clients. At We Are Acuity we pride ourselves on supporting local, but these particular campaigns also featured at national level too. Working on both campaigns felt like a real team effort with everyone pitching in with ideas. I’m sure it was the collective teamwork that enabled us to deliver such great campaigns, beating other agencies to the job in the process. There was also a small matter of a pitch for new business in the first few weeks too!


Before I know it, I’m looking back with huge pride at what we’ve all achieved during my short time at We Are Acuity. A brilliant bunch of people, all pulling in the same direction to deliver some great work. If you fancy joining us then why not keep an eye on our Careers page?

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