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Citroën Managed Services

Citroën Managed Services

Why having your Digital Marketing managed for you is great news for local retailers.

To be as effective as it can be, a digital marketing plan not only needs to be ‘always on’, it needs to be continually analysed, tweaked and supported so that it’s working as hard as it can. The truth is, that although local retailers are often asked by brands to handle digital marketing, they frequently don’t have the resources, expertise or time to do the thorough job this specialist task demands.

For many of our clients, the solution is to allow We Are Acuity take the strain away from the retailers with a range of campaign management services delivered by our in-house digital team. These not only generate results, but also let the retailer teams focus on what they do best.

“The team at We Are Acuity were a joy to work with. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Once the campaign got going the results followed.”

Ben at Islington Motor Group Citroen


The brands we work with rely on their retailer networks to be active, with everything they do complementing national activity. As experts in activating global and national campaigns at a local level, this is something we’ve championed for a long time. It makes perfect sense to align these two strands of communication as closely as possible.

However, many local retailers don’t have a dedicated marketing expert, and this complex role can often fall to the Sales Manager, Admin Assistant or simply the person with the most spare time or affinity for digital platforms. Knowing this, it’s easy to see how digital marketing can become a resource drain, or simply pushed to one side. As a result, key channels are missed, best practice isn’t followed, campaigns stagnate and results are difficult to digest and act upon. This unfortunate situation can quickly turn a powerful tool into a series of missed opportunities.



During and since the pandemic, it’s clear to us that retailer networks have become increasingly stretched. With staff numbers reduced, digital marketing expertise within the networks was even harder to find. This meant that at a time when it was vitally important for every retailer to have a strong digital footprint, many saw their own activity take even more of a back seat.

We could expand what we were already doing for our clients. Providing the right materials and assets wasn’t helping if the local retailers didn’t have the resources or knowledge to make the best use of them. We needed to step up and do something that would have a positive impact on the way the retail network handled digital marketing.



In short, we gave our clients the option to outsource key elements of their digital marketing to our in-house team of experts. Social advertising, pay per click, digital display – any aspect of an ‘always on’ service could be managed, honed and delivered by our team with a simple opt in.

On-brand creative, campaign set up, in-flight optimisation and end of campaign reporting were all taken care of on behalf of the retailer, leaving them free to focus on the area their talents really lie – serving their local customers.

Citroën were one of our first clients to engage with this new service. We realised that with memories of a tough 2020 still fresh in retailers’ minds, we had to deliver results that drove leads into the business quickly.



While at launch in 2021 we focused on rolling the programme out to just 5% of the network, in 2022 we’re now providing digital campaign services for more and more retailers. As you’ll see below the results have been really positive and we continue to hone our approach to provide the best possible return for our retailer partners.


· 2 new car sales confirmed from one £500 Facebook campaign
· Over 500 named leads from social media advertising
· Average cost per lead from social media activity of £27
· Over 2,000 enquires and click to call leads from pay per click
· Over 40,000 visits to retailer websites from digital display

Retailer satisfaction is averaging four out of five, and repeat opt ins are the best indication of success we could have. Retailer appetite continues to grow, with more of the network committing to our Managed Services, and the inclusion of more channels.

We Are Acuity’s vision is to Save Local Business, and we see our Managed Services Programme playing a key role in that as we continue to develop and perfect it.


If you’d like to talk about your brand’s local marketing why not schedule a FREE 30-minute assessment today here? It will be well worth your time.

Or alternatively read more about Local Marketing on our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog


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