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No Job Too Small.

I’ve been in the advertising ‘trade’ for a long time and have on many occasions come across the phrase ‘Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care’. In fact, a simple Google search of that phrase immediately lists many businesses and services, small and large, that make this claim. It’s a sound enough statement suggesting that, while the infrastructure to deliver is solidly in place, the customer can be sure that they will be treated with personal, one to one attention. It’s the concept of being big enough to provide top levels of service but small enough to care about every single customer. It has become well-used, perhaps over-used, as companies try to find competitive advantage in their often-cramped industry space.

It could be argued however that the phrase is a little apologetic and could lead the consumer to believe that in fact the company aren’t ‘big enough to cope’ but does that really matter? Isn’t it more about getting a job and/or service done properly. I prefer another well used advertising phrase, ‘No Job too Small’ because it reminds us that experience, knowledge and agility are of significant importance. The plumber who is as happy to fix a leaking tap as installing a bathroom. The carpenter who is as happy fixing a sticking door as installing wooden building frameworks. The advertising agency that is as happy with the small but nonetheless important asset delivery jobs as the major campaign. Whatever business you’re in, there is always going to be that important piece of work that needs to be done that is perhaps smaller than usual and your main suppliers might not have the agility to deliver in a timely or cost-effective fashion for all sorts of reasons.

We Are Acuity are ready and able to deliver on these projects. We are fuelled by over 25 years of advertising and marketing experience. One of our happy customers described us as “an agency who ‘get it’ and consistently find the right balance between strategic contribution, creative direction and speedy implementation.” That’ll do for us! So, if you have one of those ‘small jobs’ that just needs to get done, get in touch with We Are Acuity.

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