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Relevancy in Local Marketing.


Relevancy has always been the cornerstone of impactful marketing, but as the digital landscape burgeons, tailoring your message to your local audience is more crucial than ever.

The Democratisation of Marketing.
Gone are the days when only large businesses could engage in sophisticated marketing campaigns. Now, anyone with an internet connection can position themselves as a marketing strategist. However, as digital channels become increasingly varied and saturated, focusing on relevancy has never been more imperative. This is the new battleground for marketers vying for the attention of potential customers.

ROI and the Cost of Inexperience.
While platforms offer straightforward ways to 'boost' posts, the simplicity is deceptive. Without a relevant message crafted at the campaign's inception, the anticipated return on investment (ROI) can be disappointingly low. This is a common pitfall for multi-location brands, where local affiliates may lack the necessary marketing acumen, resulting in substantial financial waste.

Three Pillars of Relevancy.

1. Audience:
Relevancy begins with a thorough understanding of your target audience. Who are they? What are their needs and desires? Once identified, targeting and creative messaging can be tailored to resonate deeply.

2. Targeting:
Next, it's about connection—locating your audience. Building detailed personas can guide you to discover what motivates your customers, their concerns, and their stage in the customer journey.

2. Creative:
Google Media Labs has revealed that creative work accounts for 70% of a campaign's success. Imagine coupling that with messaging that strikes a chord with your audience. With data-driven creative triggers, such relevance is not just achievable—it's essential.

Localised Marketing for SMEs and multi-location National Brands.
For SMEs and local partners of national brands, every marketing pound spent must work hard. Whether you're in the automotive, hospitality, food and beverage, franchise, retail, charity, or any other multi-location sector relevancy is key at every stage of the customer journey.

In Summary.
Investing in the relevancy of your marketing campaigns is not an option — it's a necessity for survival and success in today's highly competitive marketplace. To delve deeper into elevating your brand and its network’s marketing maturity, as well as learning how to achieve greater relevancy in your local marketing, We Are Acuity's FREE: How to use relevancy to maximise ROI in your local marketing Webinar is an invaluable resource.

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