All Star Driving School


Leveraging celebrity-buzz for Suzuki

Acuity created a multi-platform campaign to leverage Suzuki's sponsorship of E4's All Star Driving School, the show in which celebrity learners are unleashed on the roads of Essex in the Swift supermini.


Dealers embrace social media with confidence.


Brand awareness activities balance sales marketing campaigns.

"In 2017, All Star Driving School drove conversation around Suzuki and the Suzuki Ignis with a younger and more adventurous audience. Moving into 2018 and a second series, we are keen to carry on that conversation with an engaged audience and showcase more of our line up with a new hero model in the Suzuki Swift."

Jodie Brook

Communications Manager, Suzuki


Our job was to enable the dealer network to capitalise on the exposure of the Swift thanks to the popularity of the show, maximise awareness with organic social activity and encourage test drives.



Learning to drive is something everybody can relate to. It's a rite of passage full of nerves, frustration and 8-point turns no matter who you are. However fraught the celebrities get though, there's one member of the team that always keeps its cool: the Suzuki Swift takes everything in its stride and comes across as the perfect and fun choice for a learner or new driver.



This insight saw us position the car as the 'real star of the show'. We played around with the kind of communications normally reserved for celebrity appearances, as we encouraged people to come and meet this star. With the buzz around the show and celebrities, we maximised the showbiz glamour of the Swift, and suggested that by owning, or even test-driving this star, some of its celebrity cachet would rub off on you.

A more subtle strand saw us create a range of conversation-starting assets for Instagram Stories and Facebook Polls. These click-baiting questions drew customers into conversations about big moments from the show, which could lead to more conversations about the Swift itself. We also targeted driving instructors, with a more tactical offer-based campaign using email and direct mail.



The high profile of the show and the fact that - for the first time - dealers had a range of assets to support their organic, online conversations, saw them embrace social media with confidence and in great numbers. Uptake for the campaign was high, with Suzuki particularly noting the high use of organic Facebook posts.

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