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Brand building, brand awareness and global marketing


Acuity is working with Amazon-owned Book Depository to not only provide creative, customer-acquisition campaigns, but to develop a more globally consistent and impactful brand while doing it.


Increased traffic


Pre campaign

"Black Friday / Cyber Monday went well. We saw our highest ever day in revenue on Black Friday and our highest ever day in Traffic on Cyber Monday. Thanks so much for the support to make this happen with impactful creative!"

Mitch Lang

Marketing Manager


A recent win for Acuity, Book Depository is the fastest growing book seller in Europe, with over 17 million titles and 1 million customers around the world. This wide geographical reach and the incredibly diverse audience that comes with it has created a major brand consistency challenge. In order to raise awareness of the brand and position it as a major player, we need to develop and safeguard a more consistent global look and feel - all while continuing to develop impactful campaigns to very tight deadlines.



This two-pronged challenge called for a new approach: our own team working side-by-side with Book Depository’s team on site. This would not only accelerate our reaction times and help us get to the heart of the brand, but would also nurture a strong relationship with our new client by helping us to come up with consistent and creative solutions together.



With our own client management and design talent as part of Book Depository’s own team, we were able to experience the brand first-hand through the people that embody it. This gave us the essence of what the brand needed to be moving forward, but also meant we were in the perfect position to identify regular pinch points, issues and opportunities, and react to them effectively through real-time collaboration with the client.



We’re now developing an exhaustive set of brand guidelines which will help to catalyse more awareness and growth of the brand. These guidelines will tighten up and detail the use of imagery, colour and typography, and will focus the global messaging on Book Depository’s key USPs: free delivery worldwide, huge selection and low prices.

Along the way, we’ve used our insight to create campaigns that prove our concept. 2017’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign resulted in Book Depository’s highest ever traffic day, whilst a recent Chile customer acquisition campaign generated a huge spike in traffic, up 136% YoY (compared to a flat +10% pre campaign).

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