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Book Depository

Book Depository

Driving customer acquisition and engagement for Amazon


Over the past few years, Acuity has partnered with Amazon-owned Book Depository to develop its brand and create a range of campaigns to drive customer acquisition and engagement.

"WOW! How exciting the final designs are. I can’t wait to see the campaign live. Thanks so much for all the team's hard work on this - great job!"

Sophie Merson

Book Depository


The core insight behind many of these has been how readers love to pass on their passion for books, and share it with friends and relations around the world. The challenge was to use this insight to create a number of impactful campaigns that encourage customers to take part and share their love of books with others. 


#Bookbestie campaign

This social campaign was a direct translation of our insight which also tapped into social sharing. We encouraged customers to use the hashtag #bookbestie to connect their friends and family to books they knew they would love too. We also indirectly targeted new customers by placing campaign bookmarks in orders. The bright, fluorescent design encouraged customers to write a message to their book bestie and post it on social media.


Reading For Kids campaign

Evidence suggests that many children stop reading when they get older - this was something Book Depository wanted to address with an on-site promotion with two aims. The first was to inspire young children's imagination by promoting new authors, whilst the second inspired older children's ambition, with a range of titles that could help them look to the future.

Across the campaign, the aim was to promote positive, nourishing, intelligent titles that would instil a lifelong benefit, and to encourage parents to be selective with books for their children rather than choose the lowest-common-denominator titles that exist.


Untranslatable Words campaign

Briefed to create an upbeat, vibrant set of bookmarks that would inspire creativity and customization. The idea, write an untranslatable word that describes how you feel when reading a great book. Share it on social media #bookdepository and the most creative wins a £50 voucher to spend on BD. We created five example untranslatable words and a description of it’s meaning - a prompt to encourage customers create their own untranslatable word. These formed Instagram posts where visceral and clever replies came from Book Depository’s 59,000 followers.