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Using video to share a passion for books at a time of crisis #readtogether.

Acuity helped Book Depository launch and deliver an initiative created to entertain and bring a little joy to the millions living under lockdown conditions during the COVID-19 crisis. The aim was to share its own love of books and reading by literally reading to people. The BD team themselves read out a poem to start the ball rolling, before more than 30 authors took the baton and read out excerpts from their own books or even their favourite book.

“This idea is amazing!! I absolutely love it and am fully on board – really great work on the concept guys!”

Julia Klein

Digital Marketing Manager

“Thank you for the support from Acuity to get this live!”

Mitch Lang

Head of Marketing


With a number of social channels being utilised and so many authors involved (who all shot the videos themselves in this project), the main challenge was to ensure all materials had a consistent look and feel but without looking repetitive. The campaign would need to make an impact on web banners, the launch video, the author videos (which were showcased on an Insta Story series) and YouTube Bumper ads which not only advertised the initiative, but helped launch Book Depository’s new YouTube channel.


Book fans are passionate about the books they love - so we realised that the obvious passion and inspiration that authors would inject into the campaign would be the key driver behind the content. What inspires the authors who inspire you?

But as we started work on the campaign, very few of the author videos had been created. It was absolutely essential that our look and feel was not only flexible enough to accommodate any style and format of video we received without diluting the passion of the author’s performance, but that we could work within very tight turnaround times to meet the campaign’s daily publishing schedule.

ReadTogether CS_1440x1020px-website


The distinctive look and feel included a background texture that was used across the entire campaign. This was complemented by an instantly recognisable #readtogether frame in five different colour options to ensure the posts did not become repetitive or overlooked. The YouTube ads were the most playful aspect of the project and they brought a real sense of dynamism to the campaign. In as little as six seconds, the ads immediately told the initiative’s story and directed viewers to the new YouTube channel where they could see every author video.

ReadTogether CS_1440x1020px-storyboard


This campaign has created a lot of excitement amongst new and existing Book Depository followers as well as fans of the authors themselves. Just three weeks after the release of the initial video there has been over 200,000 views of the videos, with that number rising quickly every day.


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