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Book Depository Remarketing Banners

Book Depository Remarketing Banners

Bespoke remarketing banners driving customer acquisition


Book Depository is the fastest-growing book seller in Europe, offering free delivery worldwide on its library of more than 20 million titles. Now with a fulfilment centre in Melbourne, Australia, the scene was set for Acuity to help Book Depository increase Australian sales, with a bespoke suite of dynamic and hyper relevant remarketing banners.

473 conversions per day.

16,000 titles showcased.


The banners were for a Google AdWords campaign which would retarget visitors to Book Depository. Each banner would promote a title the visitor had just browsed from a predefined database.

Although simple in concept, a number of challenges had to be overcome in order for the campaign to succeed, primarily that these banners would have to work effectively for six different banner sizes, and showcasing any one of 16,000 titles chosen for the campaign – with huge variances in size and shape of those books’ covers. In effect, our design would need to feel unique to each of the titles.



With each tailored banner pulling in the cover and price of a book specific to each customer, we realised we needed to break away from the standardised look of banners we’re used to seeing and design something more creative and flexible. Our design would need to make a creative impact while showing the covers consistently, whatever their real world size and dimensions.


Working dynamically in six different sizes (MPU, mobile, skyscraper, leaderboard, large MPU and half page), the banners immediately connected with the Australian audience. The simple appeal of each cover presented in all of its glory led to some fantastic results... 

Book Depository Remarketing Banners


A total of 16,000 titles were showcased which led to 437 sales conversions every day during the campaign.