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How to bring your brands to life at Head Office.


In 2023, We Are Acuity celebrates 25 years as a Marketing agency. A quarter of a century! Lots has changed in this time, but one thing that remains is our love for the automotive industry and our work with automotive clients and retailers. Today, part of this work sees us working alongside Stellantis UK who are formed of 9 of the most recognised and loved auto brands in the UK.

Like many companies post pandemic, the Stellantis brands were looking for ways to bring their teams back together again at head office. Home working is here to stay, but as part of a hybrid model how could they reignite the passion for going to the office, spending time together as teams and maximise the benefits of collaboration. One of the initial considerations was the head office environment which had stood empty for 18-24 months during the pandemic. How could they bring this space back to life and reflect the market-leading brands it houses?

Stellantis turned to We Are Acuity for inspiration.




Like many office spaces at the time, Stellantis HQ stood empty for most of the period between March 2020 and Autumn 2022. What was a dynamic working environment for sales, marketing, aftersales, product and more was now a place used more for storage than launching cars. It needed to feel like an automotive head office again.

With 9 brands under one roof, and a fair bit of rotation in personnel across these brands, it needed to feel like an inspirational place to be. One which reflected Stellantis being the 4th largest automotive group in the world and at the same time expressed the story and individuality of each brand.

We started off with the challenge of bringing Citroën, DS Automobiles and Peugeot brands to life within this office space.




Having worked closely with these brands for a long time we knew them well. Through our work in product brochures, aftersales retailer marketing and more, we had established strong client relationships, up to date product knowledge and a clear understanding of brand priorities moving forwards.

The easy fix would be to put some car pictures up on the wall, job done. But our team looked to go above and beyond the obvious as always. In addition to the here and now and the future brand roadmap, we looked back at history, heritage and the key USPs of each brand. This would allow us to bring the brands and the building to life.




The Acuity team set about brainstorming the USPs of each brand. DS; Parisian flair, luxury materials, timeless products and expert craftsmanship going into every detail. Citroen; comfort, ingenious design, wellbeing and some iconic models of the past. Peugeot: the oldest brand in the Stellantis stable, with rich history in motorsport and innovation. Each brand had a unique story to tell.

We looked at hardware and software which required some site visits. Visuals would go on the walls of course, but seating, lighting and furniture were all considered.

Project Managing everything from start to finish we’d also work closely with our production partner on everything from dimensions to design considerations in each space, right the way through to materials that can be easily refreshed in the future.




This isn’t the sort of project where we have hard metrics to report on. There’s no cost per lead or number of impressions. But we’ve certainly made an impression. Acuity delivered the WOW factor. It’s a project where a feeling of belonging, making a head office feel like home and celebrating the brands within Stellantis were front and centre.

What started off as a brief without clear budget or stakeholders, turned into brands forming an orderly queue once they realised what could be achieved. And of course there’s friendly competition within the internal teams with each brand wanting to outdo each other in the WOW stakes!

We’ve had hugely positive feedback from clients including a 10 out of 10 satisfaction rating from DS, with our client saying we had moved a project they were initially uncertain of into a project they really loved being part of. The view of Paris from a meeting room in Coventry is certainly getting lots of attention. Magnifique!!



"Have you been in to Pinley since it was all finished? It’s looking amazing and we’ve had some lovely feedback on our designs."

Hannah Derry, Communications Manager, Peugeot UK



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