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Bringing USPs to life with imagination, a super hero and a well-loved rabbit

Bringing USPs to life with imagination, a super hero and a well-loved rabbit

Acuity has worked with Citroën UK for over 20 years at both brand and dealer level and has helped it to successfully communicate its innovative approach, with a particular focus on driver and passenger comfort. This focus comes to life in models in the SUV range including the C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross and is branded as the Advanced Comfort programme.

But do customers really understand what Citroën Advanced Comfort is? And perhaps more importantly, how its benefits can have a positive impact on everyone onboard?


Our challenge was to supplement the usual product brochures (printed and digital) and informational content we’d created for the dealer network with something that would not only present the facts and benefits in a clear and engaging way, but that would also bring the human nature of the brand to life too.

The answer was video - but it was clear to us that this had to be so much more than a simple walkthrough. What would be the X-factor that would lift these videos up beyond the expectations of a prospective customer? We immediately began working on creative ideas and storyboarding with Ideal Insight, our video production partners.


Too often video content is supplied via a national creative agency in a far-off European city, something that can cause a disconnect between a local audience and the brand. To us it was clear that to connect with our target UK audience, it needed to be not only shot in the UK, but within a Citroën dealership.

But additionally, we believed that we needed an innovative way to showcase the features. Instead of a corporate-style mouthpiece, we would use children (and one rabbit!) to extol the virtues of the onboard technology and comfort to potential customers at the dealership. And children being children, they would do it in their own unique way.

In one stroke this would let us land the human nature of the brand, show how Citroën Advanced Comfort benefits everybody and create unusual content that would really stand out in a crowded market where:

Visitors spend 88% more time on a website that includes video
Consumers are 46% more likely to seek information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video
Consumers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video
Consumers have 57% more confidence in their online purchase with video


Our creative, digital and client services teams worked closely with both our Citroën clients and the production teams at Ideal Insight to produce three videos which were equally engaging, informative and above all, effective.

This was an unusual way to deliver messages around comfort, modularity and technology, but as the results and anecdotal feedback has shown, it connected with both customers and dealers. With dealers having a range of need states for these videos, they were themselves filmed in a modular way, which allowed us to create shorter edits, resulting in a library of content suitable for every digital channel.



Client feedback has been hugely positive, from our day to day clients right up to board level. This stage, the content continues to be used at both nationally and within the dealer network. While we’re waiting on final results for these campaigns, we can confirm that sales of cuddly rabbits are on the rise.

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