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Citroën Brochures

Citroën Brochures

It's been emotional

Acuity got to the heart of the way customers use sales brochures, and used that insight to develop an innovative new brochure strategy, concepts and designs for the whole of the Citroën range. This new way of thinking put Citroën’s new brand front and centre, while reducing wastage in the process.


With a refreshed Citroën brand, this was a chance to revisit not just the sales brochures themselves, but the thinking behind them. Could we make them not just more effective, but more efficient too, cutting down on the wastage that occurs when models (and therefore the brochures) are updated?



We needed to pull the concept of brochures apart – to find out how they were used, what they were good at and what impact they had on customers. To do that, we researched multi-level stakeholders and deconstructed the existing brochures process. This gave us real insight into how to get to an innovative and more user friendly solution.

Citroën Brochures 1Citroën Brochures 2


We split each brochure in two: an Emotional Brochure and a Rational Brochure. Each played a specific role in the sales process, with the first brochure using rich, luscious imagery, design and infographics to create an emotional connection with the customer. The second brochure included all the specifications and details, helping to solidify the rational decision to actually buy a car. Together they told the whole story.

Because all the specifications were in the Rational Brochure, it was the only one that required regular updates. As it had fewer pages than the Emotional Brochure, this meant that costs were greatly reduced.

Citroën Brochures 3Citroën Brochures 4Citroën Brochures 5Citroën Brochures 6Citroën Brochures 7


Our initiatives improved effectiveness, reduced time to market and lowered costs on every brochure. And, with 64 new brochures and 220 updated brochures being completed over a seven year period, this has led to a considerable saving for the client.