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Building a bridge between digital and physical sales.

Traditional consumer sales journeys no longer exist. Increasingly these journeys are on digital platforms, which has meant that printed materials like brochures and spec sheets are in danger of losing a clear role to play in the process.


But this doesn’t mean printed materials don’t have a job to fulfil, merely that we need to redefine what that role is in this evolving sales ecosystem.


Many customers still enjoy having a piece of print in their hands as they weigh up their options, so We Are Acuity worked with Citroën to close the gap between digital and physical, helping dealerships to maximise every opportunity to deliver meaningful messages, whoever was looking.

“They're not what I was expecting, they're way better.”

Citroën Retailer Marketing Manager


With many dealerships now adopting cleaner, brand-compliant, minimalist showrooms, and an emphasis on digital communication, there’s the potential for missed opportunities. Removing
on-display brochures risks losing a whole group of potential customers who haven’t already engaged with the digital sales materials.


We Are Acuity wanted to ensure that this gap was closed, and create minimalist printed material which grabbed attention, answered questions and led customers into the sales funnel, with
easy-to-access, in-depth digital information clearly signposted.



Thanks to our experience in automotive, we knew that dealership consistency is often a struggle. By creating new printed materials that reinforced the brand look and feel, we could not only help to deliver high-quality incremental leads to the dealers, but also help to connect all aspects of the sales journey, from the dealership itself to printed and digital sales materials.


We Are Acuity created a suite of new POS spec sheets to be used in dealerships. Each was designed to showcase the brand, provide the most salient information and link to further
digital information.


The spec sheets focused on key models in the range, highlighting USPs and providing trackable QR codes which linked directly to the website and brochure lead form, giving customers two easy ways to continue their sales journey online.


This new suite is being rolled out across the whole Citroën dealer network.



Results are still being gathered on dealer usage, leads and website visits generated by the QR codes, but after the first month, the results are as follows:

  • 361 Dealer Downloads
  • 219 QR Code Scans
  • 114 visits to feature pages
  • 105 visits to download a brochure


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