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DS Automobiles.

DS AI aftersales Image.

Demonstrating AI in the car showroom.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our daily lives, offering unprecedented value and convenience. The brands we work with at We Are Acuity are always looking at how they can leverage Artificial Intelligence in their products and services, how it can add value to consumers and where they can sneak ahead of the competition. So we need to be up to speed with the very latest developments and opportunities. A prime example of this innovative approach is our collaboration with DS Automobiles, who sought our creative expertise to integrate voice-activated AI, powered by Chat GPT, into their vehicles. 


In the final quarter of 2023, DS Automobiles approached We Are Acuity to support them in the launch of voice activated Chat GPT functionality in their vehicles, with particular focus on enhancing the in-showroom experience across their retailer network. The technology, activated by the command "Ok Iris," was designed to offer customers immediate access to information such as directions, interesting facts, and local points of interest. The challenge was to deploy this technology uniformly across various UK retailers, ensuring a consistent brand and customer experience. Enter the local marketing expertise of the Acuity team. 

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The key to success, we believe, is relevance. A generic marketing approach rarely meets the unique needs of local customers. Therefore, our studio and client services teams set about looking at how we could ensure relevancy in this project across a retailer network with 22 diverse locations. Our aim was to enhance the showroom experience in a way that resonated with local customers. Leveraging our deep understanding of the DS brand and its retailer network, we devised a plan to use the showroom space effectively, engage customers, and facilitate meaningful conversations about the new AI features. 

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To foster engagement, we focused on creating materials that would prompt customers to explore the "Ask Iris" feature directly from the vehicles. Keeping the approach straightforward, we designed livery kits for the car exteriors and mirror hangers for the interiors, adhering to brand guidelines. These materials served as platforms to highlight the availability of Chat GPT functionality and engage customers with localised content. To connect retailers with their local customers more effectively, we crafted a set of localised questions for the mirror hangers at each of the 22 retailer locations. These prompts encouraged customers to interact with the "Ok Iris" feature, asking both the preset local questions and any of their own inquiries about the DS product range. This emphasis on relevance was central to our strategy. 

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The deployment of localised content across the retailer network significantly enhances the opportunity for customer engagement, offering a tailored experience that resonates with local audiences.  

Here are a few examples of the localised questions we developed: 

"OK Iris, should I visit Carnaby Street or Bond Street first?" 

"OK Iris, which team is better, City or United?" 

"OK Iris, where's the best place for Brummie cuisine?" 

This tailored approach not only demonstrated the capabilities of the Chat GPT-powered AI but also strengthened the connection between DS Automobiles and their customers, paving the way for a more interactive and personalised showroom experience. 


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