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Citroën Commercial Vehicles.

Delivering all the essentials for Commercial Vehicles.

A business decision is a rational one. Having the right information empowers businesses to make the right choices and those choices need to align perfectly with thge businesses operational and financial needs. This is never more vital than with commercial vehicles.

Brochures, Specification Guides and Price Lists have always played a key role in the sales journey for new vehicles. We Are Acuity have delivered these for Stellantis for the last 15 years, including those for Citroën Commercial Vehicles, one of the biggest players in the UK LCV market. With each iteration we refine what we do harnessing complex product data to create meaningful, impactful, and practical touch points that suit customers’ specific needs. 

“The Citroën guide is an important reference and is considered the benchmark for the level of detail/information that we believe is necessary to contain.”

Brad Miller

Head of Product & Pricing

Stellantis LCV


As commercial vehicles are a rational decision, they need a specific approach for product communications – partly down to the detail required in the buying process and partly down to the target audience. This was summed up nicely by our client, who said: “The van customer is less interested in reading through a brochure – they just want the key facts.” 

Therein lies the challenge. We needed to keep the brand happy, ensuring consistency with passenger vehicle materials, but also needed to adapt our layouts to convey the complex detail a commercial vehicle customer needs to know.  



We knew we could offer something creatively powerful, as we had a tried and tested design in place already with our innovative passenger vehicle materials. But we needed to provide a much more bespoke adaption for the commercial vehicle market. Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes and really focusing on the more complex details and specifications of the vehicle was an absolute priority.

We could also use the technology available to us to ensure that each digital Price & Specification Guide added value in entirely new ways. For clients, GA tracking would let every dealer see the role brochures played in the long sales journey, whilst data collection would help them build knowledge of their customer base and how best to engage with it.

For the customers themselves, we could build in new levels of engagement, using dynamic product information. It didn’t have to just be black and white table content throughout; the facts and figures would need to look interesting too. 

And knowing the customers as we do, it was essential there was a download for print option as well. These customers really like to pour over every detail and sometimes that just can’t be done on screen. Old habits die hard. 

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 6.33.50 PM



We decided to set the old Price & Specification Guides aside and embark on a complete redesign using the latest Adobe software, focusing on providing maximum information and engagement. The result was an interactive version that truly revolutionised the experience, with pages that came to life through dynamic trim comparison sections and captivating imagery highlighting the best features. For customers interested in a vehicle, this interactive guide offered all the necessary information to make an informed buying decision.

Our main aim was to enhance the customer experience, but also simplify the process for our clients too. This is how we did that:

We transformed complex internal facing data into easily digestible information for customers.

We ensured every single detail was featured. This is where the van price & specification guides differ from the car guides, as we remove some details due to relevancy for the car market, however, all and any of the information could be useful for van customers.

Where vans offer a multitude of choices, such as the platform and conversion options, we strategically divided the guide into sections, allowing customers to quickly find the specific details they needed for their business.

Key information such as dimensions, weights, and loads for vans were prominently displayed, ensuring customers could easily identify the version and size that suited their needs.

We also highlighted important figures like CO2 emissions and fuel economy, essential for customers making informed buying decisions in the face of increasing restrictions and charges.

To facilitate the sales process, clickable calls-to-action were incorporated, enabling potential buyers to seamlessly transition to the next stage of their journey by contacting their local dealer, designing their ideal vehicle, or making a purchase online.

Furthermore, every click was tracked, providing valuable insights to our dealer network on how to further enhance the sales journey.

Click to read each price & spec guide

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Having garnered tens of thousands of views and boasting an average read time exceeding 6.5 minutes, it's evident that both potential and current customers are actively engaging throughout the entire journey of purchasing their new commercial vehicle. Remarkably, one out of every five readers have interacted with a Call-to-Action (CTA), with over 2% taking the next step to inquire directly with their local dealer through the guide itself.

A strict deadline loomed over this project. A new line of vans was set to hit the market simultaneously, and we couldn't afford for the Citroën range to fall behind the competition. Additionally, we needed the guides ready for pre-launch, adding to the challenge as we faced limitations due to embargos on early access to assets. Despite the time limitations between receiving the necessary materials and going live, we managed to pivot quickly and deliver on time. This essential information was readily available, ensuring a seamless experience for customers and resulting in a surge of orders.


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6.5 minutes average read time.
1 out of 5 readers click through to a CTA.
2% enquire directly with a dealer through the guide.