Citroën Dealer Proximity Targeting


Bringing national and local together with proximity targeting


As part of New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV’s launch, Acuity created a range of dynamic display banners which used the audience’s location to serve up banners from a Citroën dealership literally just down
the road.





1600 sales generated from all campaigns.


With a network of 153 dealerships across the UK, potential customers are never too far away from a local Citroën dealer. Could we leverage this coverage to not only bring news of this high profile launch to the audience, but deliver that high quality message from somebody close to them?



This was an enormous opportunity to deliver all the prestige and creative of the national launch campaign, but with a local dealership twist. The dealers would benefit from the high quality and instantly recognisable visuals, whilst the national campaign would gain a huge boost thanks to the activity of all the local dealerships.



We adopted a ‘managed services’ approach, taking responsibility for delivery on behalf of the dealers. For each of the 153 dealerships we set up a proximity targeting range to ensure that each customer received banners from their closest dealer. The banner utilised the lead creative from the national launch campaign, but pulled through the dealer name, number and link directly onto it, creating a seamless and consistent link between Citroën at a national and local level.



Citroën recently launched New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV in the UK. As part of this launch plan, we were tasked at creating a series of dynamic display banners which would help drive traffic to each of the 153 Citroën dealerships in the UK.

In order to achieve this, we setup proximity targeting from a database of 153 dealerships. Each of the 10 banners created pulled through the dealer name, number and link through to the dealer website.

The distance was then set for the set of banners. For example if a prospective customer was browsing the web in Watford they would be served a banner specific to ‘Palmers Citroën Watford’.

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