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Citroën's Le Grand Tour

Citroen Ireland Dealer Launch Events

Bringing the new C3 to the people

Acuity boosted pre-orders across the new C3 range for Ireland’s crucial 171 sales period. A rally-themed dealer tour in the lead up to the exciting new model’s launch not only gave potential customers an exclusive hands-on, but also re-introduced Citroën’s refreshed brand.

"Le Grand Tour was a great success for Citroën Ireland. In Q4 2016 it helped us create a real buzz around our forthcoming new C3 hatchback and kick-started orders across the Citroën range for the crucial 171 sales period. The format for the promotion was simple, exciting and engaging, both for the dealer network who needed to get behind it, and for our customers and prospects."

Louise Murphy

Marketing Director, Citroën DS & Ireland


Citroën Ireland was looking to increase its market share from 2.2% in 2015, to 2.8% by 2017. To succeed, it needed to overcome poor perception of the brand, and therefore low consideration. With the volume B-segment replacement for the previous C3 not available in RHD until January 2017, Citroën needed to shout about something in October, November and December if it was going to generate pre-sales before January’s 171 new registration period. 



Our successes in the UK had demonstrated that once people experience a car for themselves, and then discover other benefits (in this case Citroën’s long warranty), it joins the consideration list. It was clear that we couldn’t wait until January to introduce this car in person.



Acuity bought three LHD models of the new C3, and marrying Ireland’s love of rallying with the fact that this new model would be Citroën’s new WRC car, we created a national tour that offered customers not only their first look, touch and feel of the new C3 (months before its official launch), but also a memorable rally-themed experience to go with it.

Between 10th October and 30th November 2016, we ran seven ‘rally stages’, which zig zagged across the country taking in 20 individual dealer events. Key features of the new model were included in the fun, such as a rally booth which used the C3’s unique ConnectedCAM Citroën™ to create social sharing and data capture opportunities.

5_citroen_ireland.jpg6_citroen_ireland.jpgCitroën Ireland 7Citroën Ireland 8


Over the six-week period, leads were up 24% on average. The event generated just under 15% of 2016’s total leads, with the quality being high: lead to sales conversions were 50% higher than the norm.