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Digital Campaign Management

Empowering retailers with Facebook advertising

With 40m of the UK population using Facebook, and its advertiser-friendly targeting, budget management and reporting tools helping the process to run smoothly, it makes perfect sense that most of the brands we work with use Facebook to successfully reach a conquest audience.

With knowledge of all of these positives though, it can be easy to forget that using Facebook to advertise for the first time can seem daunting and full of risk.

Total reach – 39,138.

Total clicks – 1,439.

Cost per click - £0.57.


Acuity had one particular retailer in this position: no experience of using Facebook, and no internal marketing resource to support the process.

Our challenge was to not only to generate results, but to bring Facebook advertising into the retailers quarterly marketing plan, walking them through the process, involving them in the campaign and empowering them to manage their own activity successfully moving forward.

Digital Campaign Management


Because this was an education challenge as much as a creative one, we needed to strip everything back and take the retailer through every aspect of the process, focusing particularly on the four essential pillars that everything else rests on:


  • Is the artwork and call to action engaging?
  • Have the right targeting criteria been applied for this particular model or product?
  • Are the campaign landing pages optimised for Facebook activity?
  • Is the objective of the campaign clear – driving leads, video views, awareness, etc?


With this foundation knowledge firmly in our client’s mind, we could move onto more advanced campaign set up such as retargeting using the Facebook pixel, and how to build audiences, giving the client a firm grounding in everything they needed to succeed.



Our digital campaign team worked closely on the project, providing the bridge between the needs of the brand and those of the specific retailer, which often are not the same.

They were perfectly placed to deliver a retailer campaign that represented our brand partner professionally and, across the period of the six-week pilot campaign, deliver exceptional results against client benchmarks.



Over the six-week test period our team were able to deliver the following results;


Total reach – 39,138

Total impression – 124,219

Total clicks – 1,439

Click thru rate – 1.2%

Cost per click - £0.57


As well as a significant uplift of traffic to the retailer’s website, within the first 4 weeks of the campaign, the retailer could attribute one car sale directly to the Facebook activity.

With newly acquired knowledge of Facebook advertising, and evidence of its efficacy, the retailer is now fully on board with this being an ‘always on’ element of their quarterly marketing.


Across all of our clients, the retailer appetite for Facebook continues to grow. With the aim of making Facebook advertising accessible for all, we run regular Facebook advertising webinars, both for retailers and our brand contacts. If you would like to be part of a future webinar to polish your Facebook Advertising knowledge and results, then please get in touch.