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Dignity Funeral Directors
Father’s Day Tributes

Dignity Funeral Directors Father’s Day Tributes

Keeping a brand at the heart of the community.

Dignity is one of the UK’s biggest providers of funeral services, and one of many aspects which helps it stand out is the level of support it offers to the bereaved. In the run up to Father’s Day, Dignity wanted a community-focused activity which would show support for people who had lost their father or grandad, or were fathers who had lost a child.


With retailers investing heavily in promoting Father’s Day, the ultimate goal was to help change this stressful time into something more positive.


Dignity asked Acuity to explore ways that branches could not only connect with previous clients, but also with the communities those branches served. Could we create a symbol that people could connect with, interact with and share to show that although they’d lost their Father or child, they could face Father’s Day positively?


Not only would this be a great way to empower people to remember their lost loved one, but it would also help to show that Dignity genuinely did provide ongoing support to the bereaved, whenever they needed it.



It quickly became clear that finding this ‘universal’ symbol would be tricky. As Father’s Day cards prove, most images related to Dads are based on their hobbies. After some research, the team settled on a bow tie as the graphic symbol we’d put at the centre of the activity. This represents a sense of occasion and is clearly male, but it also has a tremendous amount of flexibility - ranging from a plain black bow tie, to one covered in images of footballs, or fish for example. It was a symbol that people could personalise to represent the person they were remembering.



We created a bow tie graphic featuring forget-me-not flowers as the focus of the activity, then used this to create posters to display in branch windows with a prominent #RememberingDad message. This though, was just the first stage.


The posters also encouraged people to download their own plain version of the poster (or simply collect one from the branch), personalise it to represent their father, write their own message and then either display it in their own window, or let the branch display it in theirs. We developed a single-image Facebook post to promote the activity beyond the branches, and all of Dignity’s social channels featured a downloadable frame, for people to overlay images and write their own message about their dad, before sharing.



Dignity branches’ windows became a celebration of dads, as people took the opportunity to create bow tie posters which meant something to them and their family. Social media also became a positive celebration as personalised bow tie images were shared widely not just between families, but friends too.


The activity also received a good amount of local PR in a number of areas, for example coverage in Devon and Accrington:

A funeral director is commemorating dads and those who have experienced bereavement this Father’s Day.

This year the team at William Pearce & Son Funeral Directors in Ilfracombe, part of Dignity Funerals, have come up with a way to help the community remember and pay tribute to those dads that are no longer with us in the lead up to Father’s Day on June 20.

Sarah Anastasiades, funeral manager, said: “We’ve created a special forget-me-not window poster that families can use to remember a special Dad on Father’s Day.

“They can choose a black and white poster to colour in or a colour poster they can write a personalised message or special memory about their dad.

“Once completed, the forget-me-not bow-tie tribute can be displayed at home, shared on social media or sent back to us to go on show in our branch window.”


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7,000+ engaged with Facebook post
298 used Facebook frame
1,500 additional tribute sheets printed
(to meet public demand)