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Improving the customer journey with interactive Price & Specification Guides.

Price and Specification Guides have played a supporting role in the sales journey for many years. At We Are Acuity, we have always called them the ‘Rational’ brochure, and these went alongside the ’Emotional’ brochure which featured all the aspiring imagery and copy that told the brand and product story. We’ve been creating Stellantis’ various brochures for Citroën for over 15 years, refining our processes with each iteration to create meaningful, tactile, touchpoints with the brand.


We saw the oncoming reduction of print material well before it took effect so implemented the perfect solution on the latest ‘Emotional’ brochures. But, when Citroën got in touch to tell us their website would now play the part of the ‘Emotional’ brochure, we knew we needed to shift the objective of the ‘Rational’ brochure to make it even more engaging.


We could have converted the current Price & Specification Guide to a basic pdf, however this didn't deliver any of the strengths and added no meaningful value. We knew that we needed to improve the design even further and, with the technology available to us, our solution needed to find ways to engage on multiple levels.



We knew we could offer something creatively powerful, but we could also use the technology available to us to ensure that each digital Price & Specification Guide added value in entirely new ways. For clients, tracking would let every dealer see the role brochures played in the long sales journey, whilst data collection would help them build knowledge of their customer base and how best to engage with it.


For these customers themselves, we could build in new levels of engagement, using dynamic product information and tapping into the wealth of digital content that Citroën was already producing. With the vehicles boasting more complex tech than ever before and moving towards electrification, we needed to ensure that absolutely anything a customer could have a question about could be easily accessed in the Guide via a click, whether that was the latest trim level specification or an explainer video about the latest safety features.




We set the old Price & Specification Guides aside and completely redesigned them from the ground up with both maximum engagement, and interactivity in mind using the latest Adobe software. We created an interactive version which truly innovated, with pages coming to life thanks to the seamless integration of video showing the latest in-car technology in action. If a customer was interested in a vehicle, the interactive Price & Specification Guide gives every chance they need to make a buying decision.


Because the guides are ultimately a sales tool, clickable calls-to-action were prominently included. This meant that when a potential buyer was ready to go on to the next stage of their sales journey, they could click to identify and contact their local dealer, start designing their ideal vehicle, or buy directly online.


And, as previously said, every single one of those clicks is logged, giving the dealer network significant insight into ways to improve the sales journey even more.

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With thousands of views and an average read time of over 6.5 minutes, we know that prospects, and existing customers are engaging before, during and after purchase of their new car. One fifth of readers have clicked at least one of the CTAs, with 2% going on to make an enquiry with their local dealer direct from the guide itself. Video views have been steadily increasing too, so there’s clearly an educational value for the customer in including quality digital content.


Naturally, we're constantly testing new elements to add to our interactive brochures and improving them for both our clients and customers. In order to make it simpler for customers to access the digital brochures while in the dealership itself, we're currently working to shorten the customer journey.


We're also investigating how to connect the interactive digital Price & Specification Guides to other activities, such as repurposing physical brochure stands with QR codes that lead straight to the most recent versions of the guides. All of this indicates the cost-effectiveness of digital brochures while also highlighting their simplicity, with revisions carried out efficiently and covertly as needed. The interactive brochure is here to stay. 


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