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Driving Local Leads For Retailers in a Difficult Market

Driving Local Leads For Retailers in a Difficult Market

We Are Acuity is an expert at activating global and national campaigns at a local level. Part of our challenge is to help client brands and retail outlets to react to changing market conditions at both of these levels, connecting the two seamlessly and ensuring that the messaging remains relevant.

Recently this has been particularly prevalent in the automotive industry. This marketplace has become an increasingly tactical one, as stock levels, consumer demand, pricing and competitor activity have all fluctuated wildly during the pandemic. During these times, our role is to help our clients continue to reach the right local audiences, with impactful and meaningful messages that keep the brand moving forward.

uplift in lead generation

“This campaign was so successful at driving leads, we thought something was broken on the website!”

Citroen National Marketing Team.


For Citroën (and all automotive brands in the UK), September is a significant month, with the buzz around new registrations traditionally helping to generate leads that would provide business opportunities for the next three to six months. But uncertainties over stock levels in the run up to this period made it hard to settle on a message, and even whether any activity would see a return on investment.

Citroën was keen to stay active and to keep the brand front of mind for potential automotive buyers. But equally, if it was going to commit to spending, it wanted its investment to go as far as possible. The retailer network needed to be guided, and Citroën looked to We Are Acuity for that strategic direction.



Stock challenges across new car models were making client spend hard to justify, so it was clear that another approach was needed. As experts in automotive, we could see two separate elements that we could weave together to create a compelling campaign that would deliver high quality incremental leads when Citroën needed them most.

We knew that used car prices had been steadily on the rise in 2021. Up 18% year on year according to Auto Trader. Secondly, we knew that the quality of part exchange leads through the Citroën website was always high, even if the volumes were traditionally lower. By bringing these two elements together powerfully, we could drive more potential part-exchange customers to make enquiries through the website, and in the process deliver new leads to the retailer network.



This insight gave us a direction for the campaign. Next we developed messaging for national and local assets, all woven around the clear call out ‘We Want Your Car’, and produced creative that would stand out in a busy automotive landscape, whilst still keeping a strong Citroën identity. We built in opportunities to include priority messaging around electric vehicles, and where possible, we maximised the existing ATL brand campaign to generate cost efficiencies.

The result was a multi-channel, multi-faceted approach that worked at both a national and local level, and helped to keep momentum during a period of slow down.



The campaign had such an immediately positive impact, generating a significant uplift in lead generation, that our client needed to double check that the website hadn’t glitched and was showing false results!

With this amazing uplift of 1,900% it's unsurprising that the campaign activity was extended in to Q4.

If you’d like to talk about your brand’s local marketing why not schedule a FREE 30-minute assessment today here? It will be well worth your time.

Or alternatively read more about Local Marketing on our blog page "Local Thinking': https://www.weareacuity.com/local-thinking-our-blog


With this amazing uplift of 1,900%

It's unsurprising that the campaign activity was extended in to Q4.