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DS Automobiles DCM Banners

DS Automobiles DCM Banners

French appeal and dynamic pricing with DCM banners

DS Automobiles is a challenger brand in the premium business market and Acuity plays a key role in helping to translate its emotive, French-luxury appeal to an often-jaded business audience.

Acuity made it possible for us to update prices in real time, across the whole display network, allowing us to be more tactical than ever in this highly competitive market.

Laurent Baumann

Dealer Marketing Manager Citroën and DS Automobiles


As part of the DS 4 retail offer, our challenge was to provide a ‘managed service’ to the dealer network, and create & deliver a series of dynamic display banners promoting Elect 4 personal lease on behalf of the network. These banners not only had to appeal to the business audience aesthetically, they needed to carry up-to-date pricing information whenever and wherever they were viewed.

Ds digital banner previews


We knew that prices for Elect 4 were likely to change across the duration of the campaign, so took the decision to use Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM). This meant when we received a price update, we could update all prices simultaneously simply by updating the source Google sheet, rather than needing to alter each banner individually before serving the updated version. The dealers themselves would know that their customers were seeing their most up-to-date prices thanks to our work behind the scenes.

Digital Banner Previews


This dynamic pricing meant that we could launch the campaign with confidence, knowing that we could react very quickly to any competitor activity, keeping the campaign relevant at all times. We could keep costs down, and ensure that potential customers were always shown the correct, competitive prices, rather than any that were out of date.