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DS Urban Store

The Future of Car Buying

Hyper-local meets premium.

Acuity created an exciting visitor experience for DS Automobiles’ pop-up car showroom in Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush.

Instead of just appealing to a comparatively small group by focusing on the latest models and their features, we focused on something that applied to everybody – the future of car buying – and told a unique story using cutting-edge Virtual Reality.


A car showroom in a shopping centre is often a welcome diversion for visitors, giving them a chance to get up close with models they’d never normally experience. But because DS Automobiles is an emerging brand rather than an established marque, there was the real possibility that this pop-up might not draw shoppers in – especially in a shopping centre with many premium brands and other distractions. We needed a fresh approach.

DS AutomobilesDS Automobiles 2


The DS Promise of being Avant Garde, Refined and Innovative was a clear-cut starting point, which led us to DS Automobiles’ innovative, omni-channel approach to mobility solutions. This was something that stood out in the sector, and if we could highlight it as part of an engaging, wider story about how people would be buying cars in the near future, we would have a compelling and unique reason for shoppers to stop and explore.

DS Automobiles 3


DS Urban Store was the innovative story of the Future of Car Buying, using the latest in Virtual Reality to attract passers-by. The cars themselves were part of that story of course, with window decals being used to headline what was in store, but the focus was on the experience and creating brand warmth.

Visitors were targeted using hyper-local channels, digital poster sites and the centre’s own Wayfinder digital touchscreen points.

DS Automobiles 4


Visitor numbers doubled in the first month of the campaign and have steadily continued to rise, with increased test-drive bookings and leads. This success means we’re now working on the roll-out of DS Urban Store in 30 new locations across the UK.