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Maximising relevancy when it matters most

Maximising relevancy when it matters most for your customers.

The team at Acuity used its expertise with the Salesforce automated email platform, combined with in-depth knowledge of Book Depository’s customer base to create an engaging email campaign that took new customers through a ‘getting to know you’ journey, automated across eight different emails.


The idea was not only to encourage click-throughs and purchases, but to highlight all the things customers could do with their Book Depository account. To succeed, the campaign had to capture the personality of Book Depository, and be as creatively appealing by email number eight, as it had been on the initial contact.

“I am looking forward to seeing this journey performing – thanks for all the hard work!”

Céline Hasboun - Marketing Manager


Using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, we could programme when exactly customers would receive one of the eight emails, depending on what stage of the journey they were at, for example following a purchase, or sending a discount voucher if a purchase hadn’t been made in the last two months. But although these emails were all automated, they needed to feel as personal and warm as all other Book Depository comms – particularly as this email campaign was targeted at new customers – and each one needed to feel fresh to avoid fatigue and dismissal.



Our creative flair has long been the backbone of our relationship with Book Depository, and we use it to capture the personality and sense of fun that Book Depository’s customers know and love. For this campaign for new customers, we needed to use our knowledge of existing customers and focus on expressing potentially ‘dry’ activities (like creating an account or making a wishlist) in ways that immediately engaged with a passionate book reader and buyer.

Comp 2-1



With each email’s specific goal in mind, we drew on previous assets and created a range of new assets that brought the messages and the visuals together in a colourful, friendly and uniquely Book Depository way. Each email felt new and exciting, but when seen as a suite, there was a clear throughline that connected everything.


We increased engagement with the emails further by using Salesforce’s Einstein analytics, a visibility tool we used to monitor the success rate of each stage of the campaign using live data. With this knowledge, we could tweak elements (such as when certain emails were sent) if and when we needed to, driven by how customers were reacting to the emails in the real world.




It's early days with this campaign but initial signs are hugely promising for Book Depository. With sends in six figures for each email, we are seeing open rates of around 24% and click throughs at close to 2%! Maximising relevancy for this client certainly has its benefits. We'll keep you updated!

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