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New Citroen C5 Aircross

Using personalised video to create
an impactful launch


The launch of the flagship New C5 Aircross SUV into a buoyant SUV segment provided a huge opportunity for both the Citroën brand and dealer network. Our focus was on maximising exposure and sales, and facilitating these two parties working as one.

As experts in activating global and national campaigns at a local level, we were keen to push the boundaries both in terms of our client’s thinking and our dealer offering.

46% increase in consumers finding out more about a product or service after watching an online video.

57% increase in consumer confidence when a purchase is paired with a video.

88% more time spent by visitors on a site that includes video.


Of course, we’d support the launch with the full suite of dealer advertising materials – all on brand, consistent and amplifying the national messaging – but we wanted to push things further.

We felt that adding video into the mix would give the launch the added sparkle that it deserved. It was a bold move (dealers rarely have the experience or budget to produce video, and we’d never offered video to the whole dealer network at once), but one our experience told us would generate better results.

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Video content can often be reserved for brand activity. But our understanding of video media and consumer-buyer behaviour meant we could present a strong case for creating personalised videos for each dealer in the Citroën network.


To deliver video cost-effectively across the network, we utilised and edited existing launch video content to include the relevant dealer details and a strong dealer call to action. In total, we created 154 versions.

And by excluding time sensitive messages, such as finance offers, we delivered video content that wont go out of date next quarter. Professional content that’s consistent with national messaging and can be used for the next 12 months? Whats not to like.


Over 60% of independent dealers across the Citroen network used these videos as part of their launch advertising, and many more continue to do so today in their business as usual’ comms.

This has seen over 21,000 organic Facebook video views..contributing to over 1,600 sales of New C5 Aircross SUV in its first quarter.

This impact on sales has seen recent dealer survey results showing that 85% of dealers are now requesting more personalised video content.