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Communicating brand DNA more naturally

Groupe PSA (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) commissioned us on this employee engagement project to help sales staff more effectively and naturally articulate the brand DNA to customers, without sounding like they were merely repeating phrases they'd read. We delivered three films that visually communicated the essence of the brand pillars, which helped the dealer network understand what they needed to say, without telling them exactly what to say.

"It's quite a challenge to translate brand DNA into everyday language. However, the final products speak for themselves. I'm exceptionally happy with how the videos turned out. We have already integrated these videos into the training plans of all sales staff across all three brands."

Jack Palmer

Customer Experience & Quality Manager


PSA has a mystery shopping programme which allows it to test how effectively the Peugeot, Citroën and DS dealers are performing. The whole process is a useful learning tool to drive continuous improvement, and it highlighted a particular issue within the dealer network: articulating the brand pillars in a natural way whilst discussing cars, and the features or benefits that demonstrated them.



Our investigations uncovered an important fact: to somebody not in marketing, the term ‘brand pillar’ not only meant nothing, it also caused confusion. Our thinking was therefore to avoid using the term entirely, and instead focus on showing how the cars embody it, giving the dealers the freedom to express it themselves without putting set phrases into their heads.



We kicked off each film with a montage of exciting clips that demonstrated in a visceral way the brand pillars we were trying to demonstrate, but without spoon-feeding those phrases to the salespeople watching. The obvious passion for the brands would immediately enthuse the audience (many of whom would be new starters), and encourage fresh thinking when talking about them.

This emotive opening was followed up by a brand figurehead talking naturally about the cars over studio-shot footage of the current models, with particular attention paid to the features that embody the brand pillars. Interstitials were used for each brand pillar section to give logic and clarity. 

We ensured that the films would build real passion for the brands, embracing each one’s heritage and helping to reinterpret it for a modern, connected world.



The films are being played at the academy in late 2018 and are also being used by the network development managers for use with new investors. Currently await mystery shopper results.