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Book Depository

Readers' Problems Bookmarks

Boosting local engagement with relevancy, creativity and humour.

Book Depository customers LOVE bookmarks. Not only do they serve a purpose, they are physical, tactile and collectable. We Are Acuity has recently been working with them to create a series of collectible, creative and humorous physical printed bookmarks that capture the spirit of what it’s like to be a book lover. The theme for these bookmarks has affectionately been called ‘Readers’ Problems’ - how's that for relevancy!


Over this time, they have become a customer favourite, with the bookmarks being an integral part of the unboxing experience every time a new package from Book Depository arrives.

“We were thrilled to work with ACUITY on another successful project. This bookmark set has been our customers’ favourite for 2 years – this was thanks to a carefully selected set of “problems” and a humorous approach to them with the creation of Olaf Falafel into the mix! Our customers related in full with the smart and fun dialogue, storyline and illustrations behind. The bookmark was an art piece, really! Thanks ACUITY and Olaf for making this happen.”

Sofía Guindo - Marketing Manager


A key part of this ongoing engagement with customers is that each bookmark encourages the recipient to get involved and share their own readers’ problems via social media for the chance to win even more books!


Therefore, each time a new run of bookmarks is needed, We Are Acuity faces the challenge of coming up with new creative ideas which will not only engage with customers, but will trigger their own ideas and encourage them to share.




We realised that in order to connect with customers, we had to connect with their passion for books. They absolutely love them. They’re the kind of people you see reading while they’re walking down the street. They simply can’t put a good book down. 


So we knew our ideas had to come from a place of love, but the way we played that idea out could be magnified to an extreme level to ramp up the humour. So somebody who can’t stop thinking about a book becomes somebody narrating every part of their life as if they’re in that book, including mundane activities like taking out the rubbish.


By reflecting that love of books back at customers, we could show that Book Depository understood them and fully appreciated what it was like to be a book lover.



With solid ideas in place, we needed an engaging and humorous style which could make those ideas soar. We immediately thought of our friend Olaf Falafel. Not only is he a funny guy and talented illustrator, he also has a range of kids’ books available through The Book Depository.


His style and humour suited the project down to the ground, and Olaf brought the tongue-in-cheek readers’ problems to life, exaggerating them perfectly to make them laugh-out-loud funny.



Our original bookmarks were so popular with Book Depository’s customers, that we were commissioned to create five more for the following year. The response to the current set suggests that this will continue to be an annual campaign, with customer demand and social media interactions ensuring it continues to make an impact.


The print run is now into the millions, and the creative has been so well received by these book lovers, that many customers have been desperate (and managed) to collect the full sets to keep.


Social media shares and competition entries have also mounted up, demonstrating an extended interaction with the brand thanks to this creative – and underlining the potential for a new set of Readers’ Problems in the near future.



Over 1,000,000 printed bookmarks
Over 5,000 uses of the #readersproblems hashtag on Instagram
Hundreds of entries to the competition