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Stellantis Performance Academy.

Instilling brand value. 

The Stellantis Performance Academy is the sole provider of learning and development for all nine UK Stellantis brands offering sector leading sales and service training for their franchised retailers. Back in Q1 2023 We Are Acuity were asked to support the world’s fourth-largest automaker to support its UK training academy in driving engagement, improving communication and building community with its network of over 700 local franchise partners across more than 450 sites. Of course we jumped at the opportunity to get involved. 

“It's been awesome to work with such a talented team at We Are Acuity. The insight, expertise and enthusiasm you have brought has made the project so awesome to work on.

Very excited to see what the next phase of this all looks like.”

Andy Martin

Digital Content & Learning Technologies Manager


The creation of Stellantis in the UK saw the merging of 9 automotive brands under one Stellantis training umbrella. Within this change, two separate but established training academies became one brand – the Stellantis Performance Academy - covering all aspects of network training from sales to aftersales and beyond.  

From our early discovery sessions with the client team it was clear that the Performance Academy needed to be established as a brand in its own right, both visually and in copy, in order for retailers to be aware, familiar and engaged with the training programmes available. 


From our work across the Stellantis business over a prolonged period we knew the brands well, as well as the retailer landscape. But it was important that we reviewed existing academy branding and communications in order to make credible recommendations. This audit process included reviewing every touchpoint where Performance Academy branding would appear from social media to emails, events, the training facilities and the training team themselves. The aim was 100% brand consistency and this included how the academy spoke to the retailer network across these touchpoints. 


As experts in branding and brand consistency we were able to bring the Performance Academy to life in the following ways: 

  • New branding launched and used across all training touchpoints, including logos for all communications channels. 
  • New brand guidelines developed and shared with the internal team, empowering them to drive consistency from within. 
  • House style guide delivered providing clarity on tone of voice, values, use of imagery, video and more. 
  • Range of Performance Academy illustrations and icons developed, providing a clear visual identity. 

These assets were supplied to the client team allowing them to be consistent in their approach. Importantly, this empowered the client team by providing them with clarity and agility, removing the need to contact us unless they wanted to.  





In partnership with the team at We Are Acuity, the client team has shown great enthusiasm for rolling out the new branding, ensuring all touchpoints with the retailer network are covered, from emails to online training modules, building signage to trainer clothing. With this new branding strategy in place, the client now had the platform to move forwards in promoting the benefits and value they bring to the Stellantis retailer network.  



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