Suzuki Dealer Marketing


Supercharging the network

Acuity transformed a flagging Dealer Marketing Hub into a flexible, practical, on-brand tool that was enthusiastically adopted by 150 UK dealerships and 30 in Ireland, encompassing retail, aftersales, motability and fleet.


95% of Suzuki retailers engage with and use the marketing hub

"Simply put, Acuity have made marketing far easier for our dealers. Giving them a centralised marketing portal contributes massively to the network's effectiveness. We have found projects that are managed on behalf of dealers increase their marketing reach, often at a cost way below anything achievable on a dealer-by-dealer basis."

Jodie Brook

Communications Manager, Suzuki


Suzuki's dealer marketing hub was being under used and as a result dealers were producing their own advertising long-hand which was expensive, off-brand, and made it difficult to control legal compliancy. Acuity was challenged to turn this situation around so the hub would be widely used for each quarterly national campaign.



We needed to understand why the hub wasn’t being used effectively. An in-depth audit revealed that there were too many templates and that they didn’t cater to the needs of the dealers, who wanted their name prominent, to be able to change price points and to advertise multiple cars in a single ad. With that valuable knowledge, we could take action.


Working closely with Suzuki’s ad agency, we firstly recommended composite templates that could combine a range of financial offers. We also designed a striking suite of ‘range’ templates which captured the Suzuki spirit of excitement and adventure. From a practical point of view, they gave dealers the flexibility to select up to four models within their chosen price range whilst keeping the brand consistent and upfront.



For Suzuki, this has liberated the dealers, giving them the power to fulfil their own marketing needs with a newfound agility, simplicity and cost-efficiency.

This has directly led to improved compliance, through widespread adoption of the dealer marketing hub. Business has boomed, 95% of dealers now use the system, a huge increase since Acuity came on board in 2013.

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