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Suzuki Grand in the Glovebox

Supercharging the dealer network with GDN banners

Acuity supported Suzuki’s national Grand in the Glovebox event with a range of fun banners that repurposed the national creative for use at a local level. The templated approach helped keep down costs whilst not compromising on results.

Highest EVER sales are forecast for this financial year.


Suzuki often uses an irreverent tone in its marketing to further its positioning as a fun brand. That was the case with Grand in the Glovebox, an event designed to drive potential customers to their local dealer’s event with the chance to save an extra £1,000 off the price of a new Suzuki. With the creative promising Suzuki’s ‘grandest’ deal yet, we needed to make sure that as many potential customers as possible saw this opportunity.



This work had a very short deadline and a relatively low dealer budget, so rather than try to reinvent the wheel, we looked to use the national campaign imagery for this local campaign, connecting the local dealers’ comms with the national campaign that was running at the same time. To work within the budget effectively, we needed to ensure that everything was available ‘self-service’ via the Dealer Marketing Portal, with the dealers able to quickly and easily use our quality materials to put together their own specific campaigns.



We created banners for a range of sizes for the Google Display Network using Suzuki’s own templating platform. From a single template for each size, ads were created for every dealer within the network, ensuring broad coverage across online and social channels. This ensured an extremely high audience, and resulted in significant traffic to the event page and Suzuki’s best ever performing national sales event.

Grand in the glove box facebook preview


The 16 customer events saw almost one million impressions across digital channels, and customer research haloed ‘standout creative’ with a strong customer offer as one of the main reasons for attending an event.



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