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Citroën Insight E-Zine

Citroën Insight E-Zine

Taking retailer comms to the next digital level

We know the importance of aligning national and local marketing messages, so customers, wherever they are, see and feel consistency across the brand. Acuity specialises in doing that for clients with a retail network, whether that’s stores/shops, or as in Citroën’s case, dealerships.

The CRM materials we create for the dealers cover the full spectrum of both traditional and digital, from printed mailers to up-to-date email and advertising templates that empower dealers to be part of bigger national campaigns without the associated drain on time and money.


We wanted to supercharge Citroën’s quarterly Insight newsletter. It was a traditional printed newsletter, but we knew we could make it more exciting (for dealers and customers) and effective by evolving it into a digital format. It was time to apply Citroën’s famous innovation to its most traditional-format comms.




We’d already demonstrated the value of digital comms to dealers when it came to advertising and direct contact. We’d also learned that because these are busy people juggling multiple responsibilities and priorities, whatever we provided needed to be easy to implement, despite the fact that it would be providing a much more textured and in-depth Citroën experience to customers.

We also understood that because customers range from digital natives to people who feel very much on the outside of technology, the newsletter had to offer a balanced reader experience - from somebody keen to click through and explore every avenue, through to people who simply wanted to move from one page to the next.

Citroën Insight E-Zine New C4


With great brand content including films, animations and graphics already existing, our team used the latest Adobe software to bring Insight to life. And because we work across the business, we could include content that would appeal to every kind of customer.

For readers looking to take the next step, it was full of explainer videos and demonstrations of in-car technology, specs and facts. For Citroën diehards, there was plenty of history-brought-to-life, merchandise and brand stories. For those looking for a more traditional experience, the newsletter could simply be read cover to cover. And for dealers, the new digital format meant that the newsletter itself could react to the quickly-changing world of automotive. If offers changed, we could implement those to keep the content relevant, and if new products were being promoted at a national level, we could replicate those inside the digital edition of Insight.


View the full version here!!!


The perception of the newsletter was refreshed for customers and dealers alike. It became a tool that worked equally well for customer retention and new customer conquest, and with a much longer shelf-life than the printed edition.


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