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Watford BID Xmas Banners

Watford Bid Xmas Banner

Bringing the classics to vibrant new life

Following the success of the previous year’s High Street banners that celebrated the colourful venues and characters of Watford, Acuity was asked to create a new series of banners that would help bring Christmas to life for shoppers, theatre-goers, socialisers and anybody else who wanted to indulge in the spirit of the season.

“The Winter in Watford banners help to create a positively striking on-street presence for our Watford BID campaign which has been ongoing for a number of years. The designs have brilliantly captured the dynamic offering of Watford town centre during the festive season, and the illustrations have greatly enhanced the look & feel of the town".

Glen Hempenstall

Marketing & Communications Manager


The challenge here was to refresh our previous work whilst ensuring it still felt related to the previous banners and of course, very, very festive. How could we bring together the traditional Christmas iconography, and the very modern polygonal style that we’d already created?

Watford High Street Watford BID Xmas BannersWatford High Street Watford BID Xmas Banners 2


Initial sketches and scamps proved that our Christmas subjects would work wonderfully with our punchy style. But they truly began to come to life when we chose a completely different palette of colours to work with – one which suggested Christmas cheer rather than Autumn. We just needed to create a connection between the image itself, and what it was promoting.








We created a new image for each of the venues and activities, with each one have a thematic link to the location: a pile of festive presents for the shopping centre, a nut-cracking soldier for the theatre, a star and microphone for concert venues and a decorated Christmas tree that celebrated the town’s seasonal lights. A composite poster of all the images completed the set.

Watford High Street Watford BID Xmas Banners 3


With 33 posters the length of Watford High Street, the town’s Christmas celebrations got off to a bright start. Watford BID shared each of the posters on its social accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) so that virtual visitors could enjoy them as much as the real shoppers and revellers.